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İstanbul'a 67 yeni imam hatip okulu

İstanbul'da eğitimde "4+4+4" düzenlemesinin ardından 39 ilçeye 67 imam hatip ortaokulu açıldı.

İstanbul İl Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü, "4+4+4" eğitim sistemine göre düzenleme yaptı.

Akşam gazetesinde yer alan habere göre; kentteki bin okul, ilköğretim olarak hem orta hem ilkokul olarak hizmet vermeye devam edecek.

450 okulun ise İlk, Orta ve İmam Hatip Ortaokulu olması kararlaştırıldı.

Yeni sistemle 39 ilçede 67 İmam Hatip Ortaokulu açıldı.

İlçelere açılacak imam hatip okulu sayısı şöyle oldu;

Adalar 1, Ataşehir 2, Avcılar 1, Bahçelievler 3, Bağcılar 3, Bakırköy 1, Başakşehir 1, Bayrampaşa 1, Beşiktaş 1, Beylikdüzü 1, Beyoğlu 2, Büyükçekmece 4, Çatalca 3, Çekmeköy 1, Esenler 3, Esenyurt 1, Eyüp 4, Fatih 2, Güngören 1, Kadıköy 2, Kağıthane 1, Kartal 1, Küçükçekmece1, Maltepe 2, Pendik 1, Üsküdar 1, Ümraniye 5, Tuzla 3, Şişli 1, Sultangazi 2, Sultanbeyli 5, Silivri 2, Sarıyer 1, Sancaktepe 3.

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Sharlotte - 18.11.2014 17:31:43
Since, when Prashant, you have started job of god man of fcaroesting fates of people, whom you do not know a bit, the way you have stated your last two lines, it simply transpires that either you are already aware of the outcome or fate of the petitioner appointment in the ACC or you have mentioned these lines deliberately to oust petitioner from the Member Technical post on behalf of someone or you have aired these view solely on the behest of or as mouth piece (His Master's Voice ) of a person, whose biased report has been quashed by the Hon'ble High Court for the reasons. I do not need to elaborate on this as the judgment is self explanatory. As one can clearly see in the Judgment that how DIPP has played a game to oust Mr. Chaswal candidature from Member Technical Post, the DIPP even went to the extent of forging the document and submitted it to the court to get favourable orders, how the former acting chairman joined her hand with DIPP and calculatedly has made a report, under whose guidance and it clearly shows that how she has allowed her conscience to go or get killed in accepting the transcript dictated to her by former bureaucrat worked in the DIPP. So, please do not become mouthpiece of any of the person nor allow yourself or your blog to be used as pawn to settle scores through Spicyip posts, whether your last lines in the post are intentional or unintentional but are damaging for the person whose candidature at the stake, it seems, you are simply helping or rubbing the balm to someone at one end and putting the injury to someone, you may not be knowing well, your blog post should have ended at best " consequently........................... action taken set aside" Further adding spice to the lines shows that you are showing interested that the petitioner joined the job or you want to put his stakes in to limbo or simply out of your love and affection towards DIPP officials and that affection or love has forced you to write in support of DIPP, GOI or maybe you have thought that by airing these lines in support of GOI any one from PMO will read your post and will sent back the file of the petitioner after rejecting it. Please do not forecast or air your views, which could damage someone reputation or career, image because someone close to you does not like that person on that particular seat, so please only air or mentioned about solely recent developments in IPR or judicial fora's without putting spice to it or siding with any of persons or institutions.
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